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SRSuper-ResolutionAll experimental and computational super-resolution and nanoscopy methods.
OTOptical, Theory, Phase Image Formation, Optical Theory, Adaptive Optics, Optical design, Phase and Wavefront Sensing, OCT, Holography.
VNVibrational & Nonlinear microscopiesSHG, THG, SFG, Raman, CARS, Multiphoton, etc.
LSLight SheetAll forms of Light Sheet microscopies.
CMCorrelative MicroscopiesEM together with LM, STORM/PALM, AFM etc.
FLFluorescenceFLIM, FCS, FRAP, fluctuation and single molecule spectroscopy, fluorescence probes, proteins, quantum dots.
BIBiologyMicrocopy and Spectroscopy applications to biological relevant questions; e.g. imaging of structure, dynamics and interactions in cells, tissues and organisms, viruses etc.
MEMedicalOptical Microscopy and Pathology, Tissue, Cancer, imaging of disease models, etc.
BRBrain Imaging (3D) Brain Imaging/Physiology/Organization, Encoded Optical Imaging.
IAImage AnalysisImage Processing (3D) Restoration, Self/Deep Learning approaches, Artificial Intelligence.
MTMicroscopy techniquesNovel Instrumentation, Scan Approaches, EM, Thermal, Ptychography, Plasmon, X-Ray, Endoscopy, etc.
VTVarious topicsTracking, single molecule imaging, High Speed/Content/Throughput, Camera's, Calibration, Scanning probe techniques: Optical Tweezers, SNOM, AFM, other topics.

Note: as abstract topics often overlap, the final abstract category assignment will be decided by the organizers for optimal organization in coherent sessions. The parallel sessions will be organized similar to previous FOM conferences, see for example the London program: http://focusonmicroscopy.org/2019/index.html >>>> Program

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FOM2020 Abstract Submission Terms and Conditions

By submitting an abstract you have agreed to the terms and conditions as set out below.

  1. By submitting an abstract you agree to give us permission on behalf of all presenters if it is accepted for presentation, to publish, reproduce, distribute, display and store the one-page abstract (submitted text with embedded figures), together with author names, worldwide in all forms (including on the http://focusonmicroscopy.org website), formats and media now known or as developed in the future, including print, electronic and digital forms.
  2. The author is responsible for the accuracy of the abstract and should ensure that they have written original work which does not infringe any copyright.
  3. The corresponding author should ensure that all appropriate co-authors are included on the abstract and that the submission has been approved by all authors.
  4. At least one author must be available to present the abstract if selected for the program for either an oral or poster presentation.
  5. All authors presenting at the conference must register and pay to attend the conference as a delegate. If the presenting author is not registered as a conference delegate, the abstract will be withdrawn. The authors will immediately notify the FOM2020 registration office at: fom@amc.nl if they are unable to present an abstract or if the presenting author is changed.
  6. Abstracts submitted by companies, will be reviewed at an equal footing with abstracts from universities etc for scientific relevance and importance. Apart from identifying the submitting company these presentations and abstracts should not be commercial oriented. Only for the session ‘New developments in (confocal) instrumentations’ on Monday April 6, 2020, specific company name, logo or product information can be included, although also these presentations should preferably be of a scientific, informative nature.
  7. Abstracts must be submitted in English before midnight on the day of the abstract submission deadline, via the online submission site http://focusonmicroscopy.org. Abstracts received after this deadline may not be accepted or only for poster presentation if space allows. Other forms of submission e.g. by fax, email or post will not be accepted.
  8. Abstracts will be reviewed by a panel with the final decision being made by the scientific committee. When submitting your abstract, you may suggest which format you would prefer – oral or poster presentation – however the final decision will be taken by the scientific committee. This decision on your presentation format is final unless due to unforeseen retractions a suitable presentation slot does materialize, the organizers will take the initiative to invite such contributions.
  9. Evaluation of the abstract is done on the standard of the content presented. There is no discrimination with respect to the authors’ race, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, citizenship or political philosophy.
  10. Acceptance of an abstract does not imply provision of travel, accommodation or registration for the conference, nor any other cost associated with preparation or presentation of the abstract, or any cost associated with attendance at the conference.

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